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The age-old expression says "practice makes perfect," and most of us believe it to be true. It sounds like common sense. If you want to do something well, the key is to do it often. That generally works when it comes to sports, artwork or other activities we want to master. However, sometimes the... >>
Everyone has experienced the soothing release of a nice, long stretch. Whether at the start of the workday upon stepping sleepily out of bed or getting out of the car after a long drive, a stretch is a therapeutic part of our daily routines. But there's more to stretching than that. ... >>
The word arthritis comes from the Greek arthron meaning "joint" and the Latin itis meaning "inflammation." Yes, I know: that just brought new meaning to the phrase, "It's all Greek to me!" Let's face it: When suffering, no one cares about word origins; they care about solutions. Arthritis is a... >>
Neck pain is, frankly, well...a pain in the neck! Nobody wants it, and if somebody has it, he desperately wants to get rid of it. To do so, he should consider how he got the pain in the first, then takes steps to alleviate it. So what is the source of neck pain? Neck pain might stem from a variety... >>
If ever there was a time to know your healthcare coverage, it's now. Due to new federal legislation, many plans are changing, so it is especially essential that you are not caught unaware. The "ignorance is bliss" days are over--if they ever even existed. The more appropriate adage now is... >>
By Low back pain is as common as it is uncomfortable. The back is susceptible to much strain and stress because the spine bears the weight of the entire upper body. If we were to take a poll, we would discover that many, if not most, people have experienced some form of low back pain. ... >>
By Adrienne Ross "What a pain in the neck!" Almost everyone has used that expression to describe someone who has managed to really get on our nerves. Somewhere along the road of life, neck pain has become the tool by which irritating people are measured, and a "neck pain" classification means one... >>
Our automobiles are a vital part of our lives, and we expect an awful lot of them. Doesn't it make sense, then, that we give these vehicles the attention they deserve? And doesn't it make sense that this attention starts with the tires, which bear the weight of our vehicles? To get the most out of... >>
Most people recognize the need to keep their physical bodies in good working condition. Our bodies must be aligned properly if they are to run properly on our two "wheels." Our automobiles require that same attention to detail. Think of it this way. ... >>
Am I OK? Is it possible that I have inherited something clinical from my ancestry -- something in my genes that would be negative for my health, physical or spiritual? Could horrific events in the past involving a culture or nation still show up in my behavior today? Is my gene-pool born to... >>
It is no surprise that as you drive, your tires endure a certain level of wear based on their position against the road -- amongst other factors, of course. This type of wearing on one position of the tires can cause severe damage such as tire blow outs, slippage and of course, lack of traction... >>
Thanks to the use of modern technology and some very nifty farming professionals, the handy gadget known as GPS is no longer used solely for finding your way when in a car! In fact, in recent years, many farmers are learning how to utilize a GPS to navigate their harvest chores much faster, thus... >>
Barbeque is the oldest method of cooking known to man. In general, the term barbeque refers to meat that is slowly cooked with the heat and smoke of smoldering wood or charcoal. The first people in this country to use this method of cooking were the American Indians. ... >>
Whether you are an employer or a judicial entity, you have a partner in ARCpoint Labs. Most of our comprehensive drug tests, alcohol tests, and wellness panels are convenient, private, and admissible in a court of law. We offer a full range of rapid screen drug tests, lab tests, and hair drug... >>
What Is Kineseo Tape and How Does It Work? One of the many tools used in modern physical therapy and often used here at Mid-America Rehab is something known as Kineseo Tape. This is a unique elastic tape designed for physical therapy that can actually help in the treatment of a number of physical... >>
Nothing is more frustrating than sitting in a field with an equipment problem you can't fix while the daylight is burning. At Davis Farm Supplies, we understand this better than anyone. We are committed to getting you up and running with the right parts as quickly as possible. Here are a few... >>
Even for those that are unable to swim, aquatic therapy is a special type of physical therapy that has been becoming more and more popular as the years go by. In fact, water is considered the best environment for a patient to achieve full function no matter what type of injury they have sustained.... >>
ARCpoint offers on-site flu shot administration to help keep your business healthy all flu season long! Even though your employees might not have any current symptoms of the flu, don't wait until it is too late. Every employee, whether they work with multiple persons or not, are at risk. ... >>
Abbey Road Christian Church >>
Even though your employees might not have any symptoms, they might be at risk. ARCpoint Labs' on-site or mobile health screens provide your employees with the opportunity to take control and be aware of their own health. Company health screens are an effective way... >>
Physical therapy is an important part of rehabilitation for those who have suffered injuries and even for many experiencing unexplained joint stiffness, pain or a decrease in range of motion. An increased reliance on sedentary jobs has increased the number of people who experience back and shoulder... >>
Shortly after his promotion to the rank of brigadier General, U.S. Grant was suddenly relieved of his command in Jefferson City, Missouri. His orders directed that he should report to department headquarters in St. Louis without delay, to receive important instructions. What follows, taken from... >>
I have been meeting each week with a group, often a small group, of people to share in spiritual nourishment. We are reading and talking briefly each week about the assigned chapter. But mostly, we meditate, contemplative prayer, centering prayer, whatever title you want to give it. We call it... >>
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